Thursday, December 22, 2016

Coveted Yarn Review

The first site I ordered from and have actually received the yarn is Coveted First of all I give them 5 stars for shipping costs, and 5 stars for delivery time. I was charged $5 for shipping, and it was only 5 days from the time I placed my ordered to the time I received it. Wow! Cheap and fast is the way I like my shipping! Coveted Yarn took me awhile to find online, I’ll be honest. I was looking for good wholesale and discontinued yarn sites for a few days when what must have been a slight quirk in my search query brought up Coveted Yarn. They should work on their SEO (meaning Search Engine Optimization) to bring the joy of Coveted Yarn to more people!

From what I can tell, Coveted Yarn doesn’t have quite as large of a selection as some of the other sites, but they do appear to add new inventory at least once per week. It is hard to tell; they have a new items page, but it is alphabetical order. Their website itself leaves a few things to be desired. I would love it if they added how many of each yarn colorway that they had in stock as part of the item listing. You don’t know if they have the number you want until you try and put it in your cart. Then the site tells you “Sorry we edited the number in your cart” or something to that effect. So if you wanted 5, and they only have 3, there is a warning about that in your cart item list.

They have a great clearance tab, where you can see all of the clearance items, but there are a ton of items that are on sale, that are not on clearance, which you won’t see. I remedy this by using their “Yarn by Fiber” page to look for natural fibers and blends that I am interested in purchasing. You also cannot see the yarn’s price until you click on that yarn and look at the color options. Sometimes certain options for the yarn (i.e. single skein versus bag of 10) are on sale while others are not, so I understand why they don’t list the price. I think this could be fixed by listing the lowest price, or a price range for the yarn, so you know if that yarn is even in your price range before clicking on it.

I was excited to see there was a blog, and then immediately disappointed to discover that the last post was in 2014. The blog could be utilized for featuring a particular yarn company, yarn type, yarn fiber, new inventory, etc. I would love to read yarn reviews and about some of the lesser known yarn companies sold by Coveted Yarn. Some of the yarn sold on the site comes from companies I have never heard of. By having a blog post on a company’s history, it would inform buyers and give them confidence when purchasing the yarn. I give the site itself 3 stars.

The site is the only thing I am not a fan of for Coveted Yarn, that being said, if they are putting more into customer service as a result, then I’m fine with it since it is usable. Coveted Yarn is a site I would definitely recommend you check on a regular basis to stock up on hard to find fibers that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Overall, my rating is 4 stars, with a note that despite the website, I will be purchasing more yarn in the near future!

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