Friday, January 13, 2017

Simple Herbal Remedy for Coffee Aftertaste: Mint in Your Coffee!

Plenty of people in the world love coffee. I never drank it until I had children. Yep, that’s right, my children drive me to drink, no surprise there! Coffee that is. The one thing I positively detest is that coffee aftertaste that lingers on the back of your tongue following a cup (or three as the case may be). I began thinking that there had to be an easy way to eliminate this, so I didn’t have to relive the worst aspects of coffee. I was drinking my first cup of coffee while looking out at my deck herb garden. All was rarely quite; none of my children were awake, so I was savoring the moment…. And then I got an idea.


I went out to my chocolate mint plant, and clipped off a single sprig. It was about two sets of leaves in total. I put it in my empty cup, and filled it with coffee. Cream and sugar added and I had my experiment ready! I gave the mint leaves a minute or two to release their oils, and I took a sip. The flavor released by the leaves was just the barest hint of mint, meaning it was not overpowering. More importantly, when I was done with the cup, I did not have that taste on the back of my tongue!

My trooper chocolate mint plants!


I discovered this trick in the summer, and I have been using it with almost every cup of coffee. I brought my herbs indoors in pots. They grow a bit slower, but I also pilfer sprigs from my spearmint plant as well. Buy yourself a couple of mint plants, or find a neighbor like me, and be prepared to enjoy your coffee without that lingering taste!

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