Wednesday, January 25, 2017

No MomMe Time

So I was hitting a pretty good knitting productivity rate. I have my “TV knitting” project, which I work on when my boys are awake, and I have my “requires concentration” project that I work on once all of the chores are done, and the boys are in bed. Then life happened. My husband started getting really bad pain in his back, and unfortunately the small amount of free time I normally have got sucked up picking up the slack. This happens to everyone, I know.


I can’t help but look longingly at my projects, wishing I had the time to work on them. It is Wednesday, and I haven’t picked up my TV project since Saturday. My TV project is a gift AND prototype for a new design, so I really want to get it done! My “requires concentration” project is a prototype for a design that I’m hoping to have published and for sale by March.


Being part of a family and a marriage means things don’t always go my way I suppose. I do really need to set aside some priority time for myself though. Knitting soothes my mind, and I can’t exude peace and calm when I don’t have any. Moms (and Dads!), we need to take better care of ourselves, so we can take care of all of our little people! I wrote this post as a way to vent, but even as I wrote it, I knew that so many would relate, and it made me feel instantly better. So thank you for reading!


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