Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bamboo Stitch Loom Knit Scarf

I wanted to make a scarf for my husband this year. A nice thick and warm scarf, but also one that was a touch decorative. I started out doing cables, but I was not happy with the holes next to them. Advice I have received since then tells me that next time I should stick with the project, and judge it after I take it off the loom and block it.

I found a stitch called bamboo stitch that Denise Canela had converted from needles to the loom. It looked perfect for what I wanted, so I began working on a scarf design. I would say this is good TV knitting if you are watching something that isn't too intense. I did have to go back a couple times because I missed where I needed to do row three of the stitch pattern. To add to the ease of knitting this, I recommend using stitch markers placed on your pegs as a visual reminder of the repeats within a row.

I used Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in black (got it from my local Michael's on sale!), and a 3/4" gauge loom. I used about 2.5 balls of yarn, so I would recommend purchasing at least three balls or 250 yards so you have a little extra yarn. After casting on, I knitted until the scarf was about 70" in length. For most adult scarves, I would recommend 65-70" to allow for a good wrap, and some material tucked into the jacket to increase warmth. Plus a longer scarf can show off colors or stitch patterns better.

I used the U turn knit stitch except where indicated.

S1=slip one (meaning skip this peg
HS= half stitch (meaning wrap the peg from the back around the front. All of the first and last stitches of a row will be slipped and half stitched in turns. This gives a lovely braided look to the scarf's edges)
ssk= slip, slip, knit (over 3 pegs, lift the yarn off of peg one, slip the yarn in front, same with peg 2, and then flat knit peg three. Using the flat knit for the pegs where the yarn is slipped over the two preceding pegs causes these loops to be a little more snug in the finished product.)
Each row is 3+2

Cast on 22 pegs using the chain cast on

the pattern is worked over 4 rows:
R1: S1, k2, p1* until last stitch, HS
R2: S1, p1, k2* until last stitch, HS
R3: S1, ssk with the yarn in front, flat knit 1* until last stitch, HS
R4: S1, p1, k2* until last stitch, HS

Repeat the rows until the scarf is 65-70" in length

Cast off using the single or double crochet cast off. I used the double.

This scarf would make a great gift for anyone, but the pattern makes it an easy gift for a boy or a man, since it isn't a stitch pattern that would be considered "girly".

My husband and youngest in the new scarf!

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